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Founder's Welcome Message

German cars are the most reliable cars the world has ever known and i leave this for anyone to debate because this debate has been around for decades. I have personally owned and driven Audi,Mercedes and Volkswagen and trust me nothing beats German. The German car show is for different players such as car dealers,car owners,mechanics, spare part dealers and fans to come together, interact and learn more about German cars.

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Let's meet on 24.11.2018 at UGANDA MUSEUM GROUNDS-KAMPALA to have fun,live and learn about our cars

The German Car Show

The German Car Show is a Ugandan inspired German automotive Annual Event inspired by German automotive die hards and enthusiasts. Our passion for high class automobiles is what inspires us. As German car drivers who come together for a common interest, we live, love and drive German cars.

Why German Cars?

Truth be told, there is something about German cars that makes them stand out and this comes with class, genuine and long lasting automobiles and safety that’s always go hand in hand with German cars. When u sound names Like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche you even feel different because your like yeah…..that’s what am talking about.

The event is to show case what every individual loves about their car and to learn more about other people’s cars and bring together ideas on how to enjoy their cars. The event is to bring different party’s like car drivers, car distributors, mechanics, spare distributors, tyre dealers and all other party’s involved in the car business to help each other in one way or the other.

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Upcoming Event

Note: To Sponsor or get a show casing space please contact us on the details below.

The Annual German Car Show,2018

24th Nov, 2018 at Uganda Museum Grounds-Kampala Uganda. Gates Open at 9am.

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Address: Course View Towers,Yusuf Lule Road,Kampala Uganda